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RBM Connect gives success = true when field does not exist

When you try to update for example the subscription 'IsinvoiceSeparately' with the RBM connect tool through the API loader the result respons is not accurate. When you type in the wrong API name, for example 'invoiceSeparately', then the result file states for every ID you've entered that success = true. This is strange, because success nothing is updated. It should give result = false. 


Can this be changed? I just went over hours to figure out why nothing was updated in Zuora, until I discovered in the log file that it stated: 


[Message] [NOT FOUND] invoiceSeparately


As that was the only field I wanted to update, it is strange that the z-hub continues to run. It should stop there. 

Zuora Staff

Re: RBM Connect gives success = true when field does not exist

Hi Dirk, 


With regards to the api loader, it validates the column headers in your file against the environment you are trying to load the file into. If any of the fields in your header do not exist in your target environment it will exclude them from processing as you can see in the log file. This is meant to assist system users that may use the same template for loading fields against multiple environments, specifically for custom fields that may be different across environments.


I can understand how this might cause confusion when mispelled fields are present but the process returns a "Success" message. We will investigate if this type of failure should terminate the process.


In order to ensure that you have the correct spelling for standard Zuora fields, we recommend that you do an export for the fields you are wishing to update and overwrite the values in this file before uploading.