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How do I set up the Zuora-Avalara integration?


How do I set up the Zuora-Avalara integration? 

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Zuora Staff

Re: How do I set up the Zuora-Avalara integration?

Below are the high-level steps to configure Zuora to work with Avalara:

Submit a ticket to Support in order to gain access to this feature (currently in Limited Availability).
1. Set up Connections to Avalara: add Avalara as a tax engine in your Zuora tenant and set up the connection
2. Configure Tax Codes in Zuora Billing: create tax codes in Zuora and associate them with your tax codes in Avalara
3. Associate Avalara Tax Codes with Product Rate Plan Charges: set the Taxable flag on the charge in order to display the Tax Codes. Choose the applicable Tax Code to use for that product
  • Note** this only needs to be done in the Product Catalog; a mass-amendment of subscriptions is not required
  • Step 3 Video
4. Configure your Tenant Profile & Permissions: set origin address in Zuora and verify this address for compatibility in Avalara. Add Company Codes and additional origin addresses. Disable the Cancel Posted Invoice permission.
  • Note** all addresses require a Country; for US and Canada a State is required 
5. Create Tax Exemptions: specify whether a customer account is tax exempt or not tax exempt
After completing testing in Sandbox, enable and test in Production.