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Custom App to Deploy on Zuora Central from Gitlab

We are working on a POC, to host an app on ZuoraConnect Platform. we have successfully executed QuikStart steps till Step 14, at Step 15; after merging request  GitLab starts a pipeline that deploys the App’s code to the Zuora Central platform.


Here we are getting issues and our pipeline fails.



Please find the below logs:

No local changes to save
Deploying application
Warning: Permanently added '[deis-builder.apps.eu.zuora.com]:2222' (ECDSA) to the list of known hosts.
Everything up-to-date
Removing runner-afa92c2d-project-1105-concurrent-0c9dn2 SSH Key... done
No stash found.
$ ./deis run rake db:migrate -a ystest1-test
Running 'rake db:migrate'...
Error: Unknown Error (503): {"detail":"ystest1-test-run-0u8ip (run): Expecting value: line 1 column 1 (char 0)"}
ERROR: Job failed: error executing remote command: command terminated with non-zero exit code: Error executing in Docker Container: 1

Zuora Staff

Re: Custom App to Deploy on Zuora Central from Gitlab

Hi there!

We are happy to have you on the Connect platform. Thank you for reaching out! Smiley Happy


The reason you are seeing these errors is because the EU region is not fully supported at this time for deploying custom web service applications. We are currently working on getting the EU region back to the standards of our US region.

Can you recreate the build for your application in the us-west-2 region and continue deploying and testing there?

Tools -> Builds -> (Click on) Create New Build

Thank you,

Anton Ouzounov
Software Engineer
Connect Team