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Cart Abandon Data sync to Hubspot

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Cart Abandon Data sync to Hubspot

We are using Zuora cart on our website.

We noticed a lot of potential customers who have registered on our website are not completing the checkout.

We want to reach out to such customers with emails.

Is there any integration/plugin which can help send automated emails to customers who leave products abandoned in their Zuora shoopping cart.

Also, Zuora does not have this functionality we would like to capture this data via API in Hubspot and put these prospects in a workflow.



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Re: Cart Abandon Data sync to Hubspot

If the prospect abandons the cart where are you storing the data?


What we typically see falls into two buckets. 


1. If you have created a web profile for the customer, meaning they have authenticated, then a prospect record is created in the CRM and a Quote stowed for later use. In this secnario you would be running a campaign or a workflow out of the CRM to take acton. 


2. If you dont have a web profile a lot of customers may still create prospect with whatever data they have OR may just leave the cart in the browser cookies, that does not help your effort to contact the customer but it might improve the experience. 


We dont recommend storing prospect data in Zuora as it clutters up the billing system with non-custmer data.