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Configurable Dashboards for HomePage

Filing this feature request on behalf of some of the customer requests i have seen. Specifically, Firehost has asked for product capability where they can create a landing home page Dashboard page which provides key statistical charts on various key KPI's. These dashboards need to be configurable and persistent across user sessions. 

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Any update on this? Our company's issues mirrors the above post and we are looking to implement a KPI dashboard on the followin metrics:

  • Bookings 
    • Averages ACV (new contracts)
    • Average Contract Term
    • Average MRR
  • ACV
    • New ACV
    • Churned ACB
    • Expansion ACV
  • Churn
    • Toal # of customers
    • # of new customers
    • # of churned customers
    • Net New Churn
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