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Zuora COA


Have a basic question on changing Zuora's chart of accounts.


Basically, the Zuora system was put in for quite some time before I arrived at the Company. Shortly after, I put in a new accounting system (netsuite) and setup a basic chart of accounts (including accounts for Revenue, AR and deferred) within Netsuite that I thought would align with our reporting requirements.


I want to change the Zuora COA numbering to match my new accounting system so that I can map and journal the revenue over on a monthly basis. However, since the Zuora accounts have been used already (there are transactions booked under those accounts) it seems that I cannot change the name of the account. I can change the number but the account number doesn't actually show up on the Zuora COA listing. It just shows the name. 


So I am looking for an easy way to make the change as opposed to creating a manual bridge between the Zuora and NS COA. Any thoughts?


Re: Zuora COA

While it is nice to have the Zuora accounts match the NetSuite accounts exactly, we also have a few that differ due to minor legacy reasons. We handle the mapping using the GL Account Name and Number fields. These arent visible to the end user, but our tool uses the API to process items from Zuora accounts to NetSuite and uses this mapping.


If you really need to change the name, the best suggestion I have is to create a new accounting code in Zuora to match NetSuite and then use the Mass Updater (https://knowledgecenter.zuora.com/CC_Finance/Mass_Updater) to change the transactions referencing the old accounting code to the new one. Depending on how much history you have in Zuora this could be a large amount of data and I would highly suggest testing this in your sandbox to see if it would work for your situation.


Another option to consider is to adjust the NetSuite account names to match Zuora since that is the newer system. It will have less history and potentially be less impacted by a name change.