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Phantom invoice

Hi Zuora, Is there a way to do a “fake” invoice in Zuora? I want to see what the next month’s Revenue Schedule Item will be without actually running a bill. For us, Revenue Schedule Item includes both usage (usage-based) and fixed (monthly subscription) charges. To be specific: Currently, our billing team runs bills the 1st of every month. They charge for the preceding month’s usage and fixed charges. Usage depends on the month’s usage, but theoretically fixed charges (monthly plans) should already be in the system, so I should be able to get a 1-month look ahead. How do I get the 1-month look ahead?

I have tried projecting the fixed portion: Starting with the Rate Plan Charge data source, then prorating for any given month based on the start date and end dates of a given rate plan, then summing them up for a given month. But the method does not work historically, so I don’t trust it looking ahead. The method comes to a number almost double the actual Revenue Schedule Item, historically. And I hadn’t even added usage to this historical backtest.

Any advice? Thank you, Will

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