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Auto close accounting periods?


Auto close accounting periods?

Is it possible to schedule and automatically close the accounting periods?  Or is it a manual process?


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Re: Auto close accounting periods?

@hdeschamps There's no option in the UI to schedule the automatic close of an Accounting Period.  So at this moment it's manual steps in the UI.  I did find a couple of posts from other users in the Finance Idea board for this same request.  Others want it but Zuora has not moved forward with it at this moment.  You should upvote these posts so Zuora will take them under consideration.


Ability to Automate the Running of Trial Balance and Closing of Accounting Periods

Trial Balance Report (Accounting Period) - Autorun or Auto-Scheduler


However, one of the posts mentions using the API to close an accounting period.  If you have the resources you might be able to leverage this option.