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Amine Scholar




We need to affect the correct accounting code when we create refunds over the Zuora interface.

Configure it just by the payment method is not 100% pourcent correct for us.


The role management allows us to tick the feature "Override Accounting Code"


But it's not working like the one for payment.

Doing it througn Mass updater require more manipulations from our users, and require more time.



a_nindorf Scholar


Subscription Number on Revenue Report

Status: New Idea
by Scholar a_nindorf on ‎10-05-2017 02:16 PM

It would be nice to have the subscription number on the Revenue Detail report (generated from the accounting period). There are times when we need to obtain some additional data or view the data on a subscription/contract basis.

hbruzus Savvy Scholar

Savvy Scholar

Pending Tax Invoices

Status: New Idea
by Savvy Scholar hbruzus on ‎09-30-2017 09:24 AM



It would be great, if an Accounting Period could NOT be closed if there were invoices in a "Pending for Tax" state. We just ran into an issue where we had invoices from March that were pending tax. This meant those accounts did not get invoiced for all months between March to date, impacting revenue. We had to work with support (who was awesome) to help us update the invoices so we could go through and cancel them all. Seems like we should not be able to close a period if there are invoices that obviously need to be cancelled, since once the period is closed you can't touch them!



bolaurent Master


It looks like the only way to examine uploaded forex rates is via API, and by a custom call at that (query does not work).


Please let Zuora users examine uploaded forex rates.

vgibilisco Honor Student

Honor Student

Unrealized Gain/Loss Journal Entry

Status: New Idea
by Honor Student vgibilisco on ‎05-23-2017 09:37 AM

There is no journal entry for the gains/loss for foreign currency. The unrealized gain/loss calculation in the AR balance does not generate a journal entry.

Shanm Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

WSDL support for Finance related custom fields in WSDL, currently such fields are not added to the WSDL automatically. Requires workaround of adding the fields into the WSDL manually.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Want to be able to close the current accounting period and run a trial balance on the closed accounting period at the start of the new accounting period.

For example: the on June 1st 12:01am the accounting period for May will be closed and the trial balance for May will be run.

This way finance teams will not have to wait on the trial balance being calculated at the crucial month end period.

skennedy Tutor


Currency Management

Status: Unlikely
by Tutor skennedy on ‎03-22-2017 11:59 AM

currently when we introduce a new product and rate plans etc.  Product Managemnt just prices it out in USD.  So we have to then look up the current exchange rate to get the EUR, GBP an CAD prices and then we set up the rate plans and charges etc.


And then 6 months from now - the sales team is quoting in EUR.  and if you were  to do the conversion back to USD - it wouldn't match the list price in USD.


And then again say the purchase isn't made for another month or so, the XE rate is yet again different then what was used when the product was introduced, when it was actually billed.


So basically there are 3 conversions going on - when the product is created, whenthe product is quoted, and when the prouct is billed. 


It's kind of painful, each month when the exchange rate is updated in the system - to them make all the adjsutments on the products as well. the only way i know is to export the product catalog, adjust the pricing and reimport. 


Option A.  when the exchange rates are updated in the system - that it then also updates the pricing on the rate plans.


Option B. only have pricing in USD.  and then give the option on the quote or something to convert at the time to other currency - using the most recent conversion rates in the system.  and when then quote is sent to ZBilling - it keeps the same rate, that i was quoted on. 


** Our cusotmers want to see quotes in EUR, GBP etc. 

Status: Unlikely

We were informed that the "Download Summary Tab Information" in the Accounting Period will be soon phased out. Is there a way to request that this be retained in our production tenant? We find this to be more concise and useful plus it gives us a clear representation/snapshot of the monthly movements in the Accounting Period. The exported "Journal Entry Item" report/extract has too many details and I don't think the numbers are reconciled with the figures as presented by the "Download Summary Tab Information" in the Accounting Period.


Thanks and hope this can be considered.




vchakk0th Newly Enrolled

Newly Enrolled



We need to run the Trial Balance Report in Zuora every Tuesday at 5:30am AEST. Since we perform the activities out of India, we have to log in early just to run this report. Also, it takes a long time to generate the report when we initiate it from India (refer ticket (#87843) & (#87945)).


Hence the request is to have an enhancement to be able to auto schedule this report at a specified time at a specified frequency.


Please help us by adding this feature to the Zuora interface.


Thank you,


Dwilli23 Tutor


Currently, Zuora does not provide the option to set up a revenue recognition rule that allows for the use of the model "Monthly Recognition over time" to recognize one-time charges over the life of a subscription.  The only option that enables the proper revenue recognition of one-time charges over the life of a subscription is to use of the "Daily Recognition over time" model.  This model does not allow for a smoothed revenue option.  I have spoken with other Zuora users & all are in agreement that this is a critical option that is missing.  In order to achieve the desired revenue recognition model, we are spending countless hours redistributing revenue each month, negating the purpose of the productivity tool that we had expected from the software.  I strongly urge you to consider updating your "Monthly Recognition over time" to include the option to set the Recognition Term End Date to Subscription End Date.

Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Extend AR Aging Datasource to include additional account and invoice fields

Status: Coming Soon
by Community Manager on ‎01-13-2016 11:26 AM - last edited on ‎01-17-2016 10:09 AM by Zuora Staff

Feature Request: Make additional Account and Invoice fields available on the AR Aging Datasource

Reference Number: DE7928

Business Need:

1. Provides additional reporting information regarding account and invoice data

2. Current design requires that two reports be run then combined to pull relevant account data (such as credit balance)

3. Multiple reports required to create a detailed AR aging at the invoice level

Status: Coming Soon
Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

Currently the invoice API only allows the transferred to accounting field to be set to Yes, Ignore, Error, or Processing.

We need the limitation to be removed, so that we can also set the field back to No.

Once  this is removed, we will be better able to reprocess records in case of failure.

Jim Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Scott Weinberg - Quickbase

Mar 21, 04:57 PDT

Is there a way to run the Revenue Detail report that is provided in the Accounting Period section on a full year basis, or for a selected period, rather than just per month?

aomalley Valued Scholar

Valued Scholar

Deferred commissions

Status: New Idea
by Valued Scholar aomalley on ‎04-11-2016 04:07 PM

A deferred commissions module would be a nature product fit.  Any plans in the future to handle deferred commissions on the subscriptions for appropriate expense recognition?

Ahaygood Newly Enrolled

Newly Enrolled

Monthly Catch Up Revenue Reporting

Status: New Idea
by Newly Enrolled Ahaygood on ‎03-22-2016 01:46 PM

Ability to run a report that calculates monthly catch up revenue for our use in analyzing fluctuations in revenue and to track any late subscription renewals.


For example, let's say a client is up for renewal on 1 Feb, but we don't come to an agreement until April.  Because we already closed the books on Q1 revenue, we have to account for "catch up" of Feb/Mar for that client. Zuora's rev rec would show 3x the normal monthly recognition for that Sub.

Status: New Idea
Zuora-Support Community Manager

Community Manager

In Europe, VAT is reported into separate GL accounts for each country and sometimes product type.
Zuora is limited to assigning a single accounting code for all VAT.

Ability to assign multiple accounting codes for VAT tax‰Û¡ÌÝÌÏ
Ability to assign accounting codes at Tax Rate level.

kurtlu Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Customers are interested in syncing reason codes and additional standard or custom fields to Z-Suite, specifically payment, refund, and IIA transactions.  Suggest making Z-Suite extensible to include additional fields for the customer to sync.

kurtlu Zuora Staff

Zuora Staff

Z-Suite to support Credit Balance Adjustments

Status: New Idea
by Zuora Staff on ‎09-12-2016 04:52 PM

Can we enhance Z-Suite to support syncing credit balance adjustments to NetSuite?  This is a major gap that customers struggle with and end up deciding not to use credit balances.