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Support for payment amount in the REST getAccountSummary

It would be great if you could support the payment amount in the return from the REST get account summary, ie /accounts/{account-key}/summary


At the moment the payment section response ( below) has no payment amount, which make it hard to display the payment details as its an important detail of a payment.


You could add up the paidInvoices.appliedPaymentAmount fields, however that doesn't work if a payment is applied to the credit balance.




    "payments": [{
        "paymentNumber": "P-00000075",
        "status": "Processed",
        "effectiveDate": "2013-03-27",
        "id": "2c92c8f83dabf9cf013daf3bfa0305a6",
        "paymentType": "Electronic"
    }, {
        "paidInvoices": [{
            "invoiceNumber": "INV00000159",
            "appliedPaymentAmount": 5,
            "invoiceId": "2c92a09539190dbe0139190f42780012"
        "paymentNumber": "P-00000056",
        "status": "Processed",
        "effectiveDate": "2012-08-11",
        "id": "2c92a0f9391832b101391922ad5f049d",
        "paymentType": "Electronic"