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Set transferred to accounting flag to No via API

Currently the invoice API only allows the transferred to accounting field to be set to Yes, Ignore, Error, or Processing.

We need the limitation to be removed, so that we can also set the field back to No.

Once  this is removed, we will be better able to reprocess records in case of failure.

Community Manager
Status changed to: More Feedback Needed
Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Consideration
Zuora Staff

Might be needed to be able to fully clean-up a sandbox...

Valued Scholar

Is there a recommendation of how to do this while it is under consideration?


E.g. We can't do this with CRUD, but can we send "no" directly through a callout?

Valued Scholar

So cribbing a few other posts I was able to come up with the following:


Zuora Workflow Notification Callout




{{ Credentials.zuora.rest_endpoint }}object/invoice/{{Data.Invoice.Id}}

 (This is for  to know if you are Sandbox or Production and send to the right place without modification)

Key: Content-Type

Value: application/json







Type : Zuora