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Provide ability to use Monthly Recognition over time model for one-time charges

Currently, Zuora does not provide the option to set up a revenue recognition rule that allows for the use of the model "Monthly Recognition over time" to recognize one-time charges over the life of a subscription.  The only option that enables the proper revenue recognition of one-time charges over the life of a subscription is to use of the "Daily Recognition over time" model.  This model does not allow for a smoothed revenue option.  I have spoken with other Zuora users & all are in agreement that this is a critical option that is missing.  In order to achieve the desired revenue recognition model, we are spending countless hours redistributing revenue each month, negating the purpose of the productivity tool that we had expected from the software.  I strongly urge you to consider updating your "Monthly Recognition over time" to include the option to set the Recognition Term End Date to Subscription End Date.