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Re: Prevent $0 Invoices posting to Netsuite

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Prevent $0 Invoices posting to Netsuite

My bussiness has generates a high volume of invoices each month.  $0 invoices due to usage is causing lots of noised for reconciliatin between the two systems.  I would like the an option to supress $0 invoices posting to Netsuite.

Zuora Support

Hi @mpastore,


You can set the $0 invoice's Transferred to Account field to 'Ignore' which will prevent Z-Suite Sync from syncing the invoice to NetSuite.


Is there a global setting that will be applied accross the board instead of individuale transactional level?  I generate 100+ $0 invoices per month.  

Zuora Support

@mpastore - If you genenate your invoices via API, you can set Transferred to Account to 'Ignore' in your API call.  If invoices are created via bill run, you use Zuora Connect tool (if possible) to mass update your invoices.


I generate invoices via bill runs.  In Zuora Connect, can set to ignore be automate per my requirments. Posting to netsuite is daily so a manual mass update is not scalable for me.

Zuora Support

@mpastore - You can reach out to Connect Team.  I believe they have some apps that allow you schedule jobs that run daily.