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Need to project revenue schedule item


Mar 7, 11:26 PST

Hi Zuora,

Is there a way to do a “fake” invoice in Zuora? I want to see what the next month’s Revenue Schedule Item will be without actually running a bill.

For us, Revenue Schedule Item includes both usage (usage-based) and fixed (monthly subscription) charges.

To be specific:

Currently, we run bills once a month. We charge for the preceding month’s usage and fixed charges. Usage depends on the month’s usage, but theoretically fixed charges (monthly plans) should already be in the system, so I should be able to get a 1-month look ahead. How do I get the 1-month look ahead?


I have tried projecting the fixed portion:

Starting with the Rate Plan Charge data source, then prorating for any given month based on the start date and end dates of a given rate plan, then summing them up for a given month.


But the method does not work historically, so I don’t trust it looking ahead. The method comes to a number almost double the actual Revenue Schedule Item, historically. And I hadn’t even added usage [to this historical backtest].


Any advice? This could be complicated so feel free to reach me individually.


Thank you,