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Re: Monthly Catch Up Revenue Reporting

Monthly Catch Up Revenue Reporting

Ability to run a report that calculates monthly catch up revenue for our use in analyzing fluctuations in revenue and to track any late subscription renewals.


For example, let's say a client is up for renewal on 1 Feb, but we don't come to an agreement until April.  Because we already closed the books on Q1 revenue, we have to account for "catch up" of Feb/Mar for that client. Zuora's rev rec would show 3x the normal monthly recognition for that Sub.

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Hi Adrienne - thanks for posting this. We spent some time talking about this with our finance team, so it's on their radar to evaluate.

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Status changed to: New Idea

Any update on this request?

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I just voted for this.  I am the only person who has done so.  If you want the feature please vote...

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Zuora Staff

Adding my vote for this feature