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MRR Calculation Flexibility

Zuora is programmed to calculate MRR as the committed recurring amount only (excludes discounts, one-time fees and usage charges).  I understand this works for many businesses, however it would be awesome if you allowed customers flexibility to decide what to include and exclude from MRR calculations.

We have some accounts that we bill monthly in advance and charge for a committed amount and then charge for overage in arrears where applicable.

We have other accounts that we bill monthly in arrears and their charge is based on a usage tier structure (charge each month changes as usage changes).

We are moving more of our customers to the second billing model, which means Zuora is counting MRR as $0 for a larger number of accounts.

In our particular product use case, the monthly recurring charge (normal MRR) plus the last invoiced usage/overage charge is actually a more accurate predictor of next month's invoice amount.

We'd like the flexibility to configure how Zuora calculates our MRR (to include both recurring charges and usage charges) and to update each account's MRR on a monthly basis.