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Ability to Automate the Running of Trial Balance and Closing of Accounting Periods

Want to be able to close the current accounting period and run a trial balance on the closed accounting period at the start of the new accounting period.

For example: the on June 1st 12:01am the accounting period for May will be closed and the trial balance for May will be run.

This way finance teams will not have to wait on the trial balance being calculated at the crucial month end period.

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This sounds like a nice feature to me, but then only when you can schedule/preset the date/time it will be closed: so the default can be first of the month 12:01AM. But in my experience most organisations take 2 days longer to finish all their tasks and checks: so it needs to be customizable.



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Note that this appears to be a duplicate of http://community.zuora.com/t5/Finance-Ideas/Trial-Balance-Report-Accounting-Period-Autorun-or-Auto-S...


This feature would be useful, for the trial balance to be run and summary emailed to the relevant person/s.


This removes an unnecessary manual step of having to log in to zuora, find the right place (which can be difficult to remember each month for those that are unfamiliar with the UI), wait for the trial balance to complete and then download the report.  This doesn't take too long, but is a barrier to getting the trial balance done on time when the finance deparment is busy and has a lot of work to do.   


Removing this step would help to automate the manual processing around month end.