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Invoice Posted Notification when using POST Bill Run API

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Invoice Posted Notification when using POST Bill Run API


Can you please confirm, if we use Bill Run Post API (limited availability) to post the invoices, will it trigger a notification event related to Invoice Posted “Invoice Posted | Invoice Posted Manually” Or “Invoice Posted | Invoice Posted Via API”?




When we tried the same scenario we observed that the https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Object_PUTBillRun is not triggering the Invoice Posted notification, as it was actually the Bill Run which got posted through API but not the invoices got posted directly through API.

For now, the notification of Invoice Posted | Invoice Posted via API will only be triggered when the invoice is directly posted through API, so when the whole bill run got posted, the notification will not be triggered.

You can use https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Action_POSTupdate , to update the status of the Invoice directly using the InvoiceId that triggers the Invoice Posted | Invoice Posted via API Notification. 





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