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Handle Umlaute / special characters in Zuora


this is not a request, just a how-to-do when it comes to uploads like customers, subscriptions directly in Zuora.

So just want to note my learnings: We had issues uploading name containing special charakters, like ä, ö , ü, ... because Zuora did not recognize.

Happy to get your feedback for solutions easier to use.

-> How to upload fields with special characters:

1. Switch your Zuora to Profil German

2. Select Zuora language German

3. Switch your windows to English (United States)

4. Download the template from Zoura

5. enter your data to the template

6. replace all special characters by coding

   ö to Ã¶

   ü to Ã¼ and so on

   complete list found www.i18nqa.com/debug/utf8-debug.html

7. Save your csv

8. Upload to Zuora



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Re: Handle Umlaute / special characters in Zuora

Little update ... sometimes you need to switch back Zuora to English (US) / English before the upload ... don't aks me why ...