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Zuora University Learners’ Lounge at Subscribed London

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Zuora University Learners’ Lounge at Subscribed London

Make the most of Subscribed by getting one-on-one product support in our Learners’ Lounge. Zuora experts will be available to answer questions, talk through your use cases and edge cases, share best practices, and gather your product feedback.


One of the experts on-hand will be Zuora University, who will have a booth where Caroline Wallis and Shelly Berkowitz will be stationed and available to answer your questions!



Caroline Wallis 

Caroline Wallis, @Caroline_Wallis, Zuora University

I lead content strategy and engagement on the Zuora University team, and originally started at Zuora as an intern. Over the two and a half years I’ve been at Zuora, it’s been a blast to experience the company’s rapid expansion!

  • Area of expertise: Zuora University
  • Background: Prior to Zuora I worked in Product Marketing at an Indian hot sauce startup, Bandar Foods!
  • Talk to me about: Zuora University - how to subscribe, what’s included in the Zuora University library, what’s on our course roadmap, and how Zuora University can help scale your Zuora-facing team!




Shelly Berkowitz 

Shelly Berkowitz, @shelly_b, Zuora University Sr. Director

  • Area of expertise: My area of expertise is learning/training (design, delivery),  so it's only fitting that I lead Zuora University.  I'm responsible for maintaining our roadmap that results in a growing catalog of courses that enable our customers to be successful using our product.
  • Background: I love to hear from customers about their training needs!  If you have pointers on topics we should develop training on and/or have feedback on the training you've completed, let's talk.  Or, if you haven't completed any Zuora University courses but want to make sure we tailor our training to your needs, I'd still appreciate hearing from you (e.g., what actions you complete in Zuora, how they fit into your overall workflow, what you struggle with, what you wish you could do better/faster, etc).
  • Talk to me about: Zuora University, your job responsibilities as they relate to Zuora, what you wish you better understood in Zuora.

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." —A. A. Milne