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WEBCAST: Unlock Subscription Metrics with Zuora Analytics

Zuora Staff

WEBCAST: Unlock Subscription Metrics with Zuora Analytics

Interested in learning how you can set up your dashboard in Zuora Analytics based on Subscribed Institute-verified subscription metrics to track the performance of your business? Join us Tuesday, November 17th for an interactive webcast featuring Zuora customer Shahin Kohan, President of AIMS360, and led by some of our top experts on the subject:

  • Amy Konary, Global VP, Chair of the Subscribed Institute
  • Kevin Suer, Senior Product Manager for Analytics

This session will cover:

  • The most important subscription metrics to include, such as recurring revenue, subscriber value, retention, receivable, and growth metrics
  • How to configure a dynamic KPI dashboard in Zuora Analytics
  • How a fellow Zuora customer is using Zuora Analytics to understand and trend these key business metrics
  • All your questions about critical subscription metrics and trend analysis

Link to registration available here