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Places to see and things to do in King’s Cross

Zuora Staff

Places to see and things to do in King’s Cross

Here is an introduction to some of the places to see and things to do in King’s Cross. With a combination of old, new, shopping, transport, history, living and working…

King’s Cross really does have something for everyone. So with out further a-do, here is a list letting you know about what this unique area has to offer…




Camino, a Spanish restaurant which is only a 5 minute walk away from King’s Cross Station is the all-round Spanish restaurant ideal for your ‘festejando’ needs! Head down and treat yourself to Pan Con Tomate and a glass of Spain’s finest Vino Blanco, and indulge in Spain’s world renowned culture. Fancy a morning drink? Stop off at the Camino juice bar and pick up a variety of freshly squeezed juices at the morning bar. But if that hasn’t got you feeling Spanish enough, Nacho del Campo is the head chef who will prepare you a Spanish delight!




Looking for a top night out in London? Then look no further! Scala is a London based club that holds plenty of events all year round to satisfy your partying mood. If it’s a small indie band or a worldwide DJ, Scala has it all. Only 0.6km away from Kings Cross makes it a great choice for a good night out. It’s in a good central location but the surrounding pubs and bars have none of the West End prices.”




You can never know of too many clubs in London and it would be rude not to know of this one! Egg is a unique nightclub in Kings Cross with variety of different rooms to suit your mood on your nightout. Rated very highly in King’s Cross by other party goers, it is also easy to arrive to with buses constantly running outside the club. These parties can go on till 6-7am.


Camley_Street_Natural_ParkCamley Street Natural Park


What once was a ruin, old and tattered up industrial site in Camley, has somewhat changed since those days, and is now a beautiful scenic natural park for all to walk around and enjoy. It hosts pond-dipping and nature-watching sessions and its wood-cabin visitor center is used by the Wildlife Watch Club. A ten minute walk from London St Pancreas and King’s Cross, it is easily accessible.


Bloomsbury LanesBloomsbury Lane


Want some time away from the nightlife and the hustle and bustle of London? Bloomsbury Lane is the perfect attraction for you! Built with eight high end bowling lanes and inspired by a 1950’s themed London, what more could you need? With a price of only £5.50 per person per game, its great value for the location of the alley. Only a 10 minute walk from Russell Square station, the location is easy to arrive at for your day / night out.


The-British-LibraryBritish Library


Feeling a tad bored? Feel like reading over 150 million books of every book ever published in the UK? Me too! Head down the prestigious British Library in Kings Cross, free entry to enter into one of the most famous libraries and attractions inside the UK. Scrap that, in Europe!


King's Cross waterside-museumKing’s Cross Canal Museum


Finally, Why not pop down to the infamous King’s Cross Canal Museum and bolster your knowledge on London’s man-made waterways. Prices are very reasonable and are only £3 for an adult, £1.50 for a child and £2 for concessions. Get to know the people who used the canals and why they had to be used in the way they were. If you’re an Aqua-Holic, take a walk down to the historical museum open until 7:30pm!


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