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Announcing Subscribed London 2017

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Announcing Subscribed London 2017

London Subscribed 2017


We are excited to announce that this September's Subscribed London 2017 will feature an inaugural Zuora User Summit and Learners' Lounge dedicated exclusively to our customers. We will cover the following topics:

  • Straetegic Value from Zuora Over Time
    • As your business needs to shift and evolve, we'll help you get a deeper understanding of our product, and the ability to connect it to business priorities and initiatives
  • Zuora Connect Apps
    • Do you use Zuora to steer your company's growth strategies? If so, we'll be reviewing all of the most useful Zuora Connect apps for your role, including Promo Codes, Price Books, and Customer Catalog
  • A Blueprint for Running Subscription Businesses
    • Zuora developed the 9 keys to be used as a blueprint for building a subscription-based business. Learn about the foundational framework upon which a successful business can scale and leave equipped not only to get the most of your Zuora implementation, but also to optimise and continue to grow your business post go-live.
  • Prevent Churn with Zuora Insights
    • What's the right way to measure churn? Which customers are most at risk? What can you do about it? We'll show you how to Zuora Insights can help you predict churn, measure churn rate, find subscriber segments most likely to churn, and trigger relevant and timely customer engagement that prevents churn.


Join us at the Tobacco Dock on the 28th of September!


Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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