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Agenda Subscribed Paris 2017

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Agenda Subscribed Paris 2017


Here's the Agenda for Subscribed Paris 2017


26TH September, 2017
Pavillion Cambon, 46 Rue Cambon, 75001 Paris


8:00 – 18:00

Registration & Networking

Mingle over breakfast, lunch and cocktails to engage with other Subscription Economy thought leaders.


9:30 & 16:00


Learn what’s next for the Subscription Economy and how Zuora can get you there with an inspiring keynote from Zuora CEO Tien Tzuo & President Marc Diouane, then from VP Strategy & Operations Eric Speciel & Director Engineering Oliver Bussenot, as they are joined by some of our most innovative customers.


14:00 – 16:00

Track: Bringing New Customer Experience’s To Market

Learn how companies are disrupting the market by bringing new experiences to subscribers. Our customers will show you how they nurture relationships with their customers while taking full advantage of the monetisation opportunities of their product.


14:00 – 16:00

Track: Company Transformation in the Subscription Economy

If your legacy systems and processes are holding you back, then his track focuses the business and platform strategies you need today to stay relevant in tomorrow’s Subscription Economy.


14:00 – 16:00

Track: Subscription Finance

If you are laser-focused on compliance, from revenue recognition and IFRS 15, or have questions about sales compensation, network with finance-minded peers to benchmark your subscription metrics.


12:30 – 14:00

Track: Zuora User Group

Designed to pull together our community of users to learn from our product experts as well as to build a network of peers in the Subscription Economy.

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