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Workflow: update payload in a up stream (iterate) task

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Workflow: update payload in a up stream (iterate) task



Is there a way to update the work-flow payload of a up-stream task?


For instance if you have a iterate  task and you want to track the result of each iteration ( 'for-each' flow ) and accumulate it and use it on the 'on finished' event of that iteration task. It would be nice if you can update the state of payload on the iteration task by the down-stream task.


One solution is to use Custom Objects for accumulate the result and query  the Custom object on the on finished flow but...quering custom objects comes with some yerks:


From the Custom Object API: 


When a record is created, there will be a delay before it is available for search. For example, if you create 5 records and perform a query that these 5 records satisfy the query conditions, there will be a delay between when the 5 records are created, and when all the 5 records can be returned in the query result.