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Workflow: Liquid version and the RegEx: filter

Savvy Scholar

Workflow: Liquid version and the RegEx: filter



Does any one have a clue which version/dialect of Liquid is installed in the Zuora Workflow engine and with which extensions? 


The reason for asking is that the Liquid version used by the Workflow does support the regEx:  filter ( for reqular expressions ) but is not documented in the Liquid documentation ( as referenced by the Zuora KB )


The KB does describe the use of regular expression in the "Regular expressions in case values" of the Logic: Case task but very limited.


It seem that Z-Liquid supports the regex as a filter in the following syntax:


{% assign result = "<input string>" | regex: '<pattern>', '<options>' %}


Does anyone has the full specs of this filter? and which reqular expression constructs are supported: Java, PRCE,.... and what kind of options ( match_all  seems to be one option ).  A example that works is : 


regex: '(?<=[I][N][V])\d{8,}', 'match_all' 


But what are the other options and what is the exact result for those options...