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Thanks in advance for your feedback on the SUBSCRIPTIONS API, which covers the following:

  • Preview subscription
  • Create subscription
  • Get subscriptions by account
  • Update subscription
  • Get subscriptions by key
  • Get subscriptions by key and version
  • Renew subscription
  • Cancel subscription
  • Resume subscription
  • Suspend subscription
  • CRUD: Retrieve Subscription
  • CRUD: Update Subscription
  • CRUD: Delete Subscription

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Zuora Staff
Zuora Staff

Re: Subscriptions

Subscribe API should allow insertion of custom field values for anything updated by the subscribe call, such as invoice and payment objects.  This is to support a use case of B2C where they want a single API to create a subscription, invoice, and payment in 1 API call, but update custom fields on the invoice/payment to display in the email/invoice to the customer.

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Zuora Staff

Re: Subscriptions

The custom field of payment and credit memo can be set after the subscribe call. But setting custom field of invoice through API is missed out from very beginning, inclduing subscribe call, generate call, and invoice update call. It is a feature gap. Meanwhile, it's contraversial to promote the growth of fat APIs, particularlly ones like subscribe. A ticket will be raised to PM team for assessment. Thank you very much for sharing us the requirement.