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How to have string like query to find an account in ZOQL similiar to SQL which contains a substrin ?

Hi Team,


Would you please tell how to fetch the result using Action query API provided by Zuora using the substring . I am getting no result each time or some error for malformed ZOQL. I am able to get the result by using %age for leading and trailing in the like query of ZOQL but if i need to search something in the middle than i could not able to find.


POST: https://rest.apisandbox.zuora.com/v1/action/query

Request Body:

"queryString": "SELECT Id FROM account WHERE name like '%Akh'"

 This gives result name = Akhil with id of the account


"queryString": "SELECT name FROM account WHERE name like '%khi%'"


This doesn't give result provide your inputs.

I tried couple of permutaion and combination but failed to get the desired result. Please suggest