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Enhanced error code documentation for Zuora Billing REST API

We are excited to announce that we have published the enhanced error code documentation for Zuora Billing REST API!


If a request to Zuora Billing REST API with an endpoint starting with /v1 (except Actions and CRUD operations) fails, the response will contain an eight-digit error code with a corresponding error message to indicate the details of the error. For example:


"reasons": [
"code": 53100320,
"message": "'termType' value should be one of: TERMED, EVERGREEN"


To help you troubleshoot when you receive such error codes, we have published the following documentation:

  • In the API Reference, we added a new Error Handling section to generally explain the two components of error codes.
  • In the Knowledge Center, we published the Resource codes for Billing REST API to list all available resource codes as part of the error codes.

These updates were also announced in the Release Notes and the API Changelog for Zuora Billing R275.


We will continue to iterate the documentation for error codes and strive to make the documentation usable and valuable to you. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to contact the Documentation team (docs@zuora.com). Thanks for your help!