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Activating Subset of Charges on a Subscription

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Activating Subset of Charges on a Subscription


We have a subscription with mutliple rate plan and rate plan charge IDs.

However, we want to turn on a subset of charges in the future, depending on a user action.

I was wondering how we can achieve this using the TriggerCondition and TriggerEvent?

Our subscription looks like this.

  • Subscription
    •  Rate Plan 1 
      •  Rate Plan Charge 1 - Triggered on Contract Effective Date
    •  Rate Plan 2
      •   Rate Plan Charge 2 - Triggered on a Specific date, date is TBD

So when we activate the subscription for March 1,2020, we only want Charge 1 to be on the invoice.

How can we achieve the same?

We are using the subscribes API - https://www.zuora.com/developer/api-reference/#operation/Action_POSTsubscribe









Zuora Staff

Re: Activating Subset of Charges on a Subscription

HI @vkannan ,


Like you mentioned, you can accomplish this with adding two fields on the 2nd charge for the RateplanCharge object:

  • TriggerEvent - Set to "SpecificDate"
  • TriggerDate - Set this to the date you want the charge to start. If you dont know this date, you could set it to something temporary like the Subscription End Date.

Another option is to use the TriggerEvent and built in date fields such as:

  • Rate Plan Charge 1 - TriggerEvent = "ContractEffective"
  • Rate Plan Charge 2 - TriggerEvent = "ServiceActivation"  or "CustomerAcceptance" where this is set to the date that you want to activate this charge.

In both of these cases, if you dont know the start date of the charge, you will have to go back and update the charge later.


One final option would be to create the RateplanCharge2 in a separate Order/Amendment and not activate it. It will stay in pending status until you update it.


I hope this helps.

Thank you,



Adam Godfrey
Zuora Global Services | Zuora Certified Consultant