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Query Error: Cannot be resolved

Zuora Staff

Query Error: Cannot be resolved

If you get an error, "column {field name} cannot be resolved", you just need to rewrite your query. There may be a few reasons why you're receiving this error:

1. The field name is misspelled. To check the spelling, run DESCRIBE {tabel name} on the table with this field. Remember the spelling or just copy&paste into your query!

2.  The field does not exist. Again, use the same DESCRIBE {table name} on the table with this field. There you can see a list of all available fields. 

3. The field exists, but the table is not listed in the query. For every field listed in the query, the corresponding table must be SELECTed from or JOINed ON another table.

i.e. SELECT id FROM Account WHERE Subscription.updatedDate > 

date '2020-01-01' will fail. It must include Subscription table...
SELECT account.id FROM Account, Subscription WHERE Subscription.updatedDate > date '2020-01-01' 
SELECT id FROM Account JOIN Subscription ON subscription.accountid = account.id WHERE Subscription.updatedDate > date '2020-01-01' 
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