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Re: Is DateDiff function works in DataQuery?

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Is DateDiff function works in DataQuery?

Question: Customer wants to know DateDiff function is supported in data query and what other functions are supported?


Solution: Date_diff is supported and the file is accurate, Those functions available in data query, and also you can check the various data functions by running the query, i.e SHOW FUNCTIONS in the data query.


Sample Query using the Date_diff:

SELECT date_diff('day', DATE '2020-03-01', DATE '2020-03-02')


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Re: Is DateDiff function works in DataQuery?

Hi Salim,


Can you please tell me the exact requirement you have?
You can work with dates with <, >, = operators

Date function works properly but more for extensive usage, you might need export ZOQL.

you can even look at the below web page for more reference:


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