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Tips and Tricks to follow during DM load

Zuora Staff

Tips and Tricks to follow during DM load

Charge Model and Charge Type error’s: Mandatory columns to load Tier Price:

  • As per the Data Dictionary: Charge Models and Charge type is not a required filed in the load file. But, if there is a “ Tier Price “ column with the values in the file. Then the Column “ Charge Model & Charge Type “ should be provided with the values in the file. So that the errors can be avoided. 

Charge.SpecificTriggerDate is required error during:

  • AS per the Data Dictionary: Charge.SpecificTriggerDate column is not a required field in the DM load file. But, When the rate plan charge of a subscription is chosen as “Specific Day of the Month “ then the Trigger date should be provided.
  • Also, this error occurs during another instance too : There are three columns in the load file in the name of “ OrderAction.ContractEffective , OrderAction.ServiceActivation , OrderAction.CustomerAcceptance ” If any of these fields does not have the value in it then trigger date required error will be thrown. So, its necessary to have these three columns with values in the file.

0/0 error in orders load :

  • This type of error will occur for many instances one of those is due to the comma separated values. In the load file a value in a column should have one comma between 2 words but it may not be visible and it will throw this type of error when we try to load. To avoid those the file should be edited with notepad ++ option.
  • “ Right click on the file à Edit with Notepad ++ “ .
  • Find the column and value over there where the comma needs to be updated. There you can see 2 commas already updated. As per the Notepad ++ and excel conversion a single comma will be updated in the excel version only when there are 3 commas updated in the Notepad ++ version.
  • So please make sure to avoid these errors with the above examples during the load.