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Generic API Loader shows success....but my records didn't update?
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When using the generic API loader to update existing records, you may get a false positive on the process where the process completes with 100% success but the fields you are trying to update on the records don't seem to be updated.   Always check the LOG to ensure the fields you were trying to update were actually updated.


If you use the incorrect field label on the columnthe field will be unrecognized and ignored by the loader


e.g.  from the log file...

[Message] [NOT FOUND]  Charge.Name

[Message] [NOT FOUND]  Charge.Description


The file in this example processed without failures as the ID field was recognized but the labels above didn't need the object prefix "Charge".


Hopefully others will find this helpful :-)





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Re: Generic API Loader shows success....but my records didn't update?

Thank you for posting this article.  It will be very helpful for future users.

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