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Are you a Zuora user who wants to find others in similar roles to learn and bounce ideas off each other? Or maybe you want to build a local Zuora community in your area where customers, developers and other business-minded professionals can talk about their solutions, ideas, and best practices?


That’s where Zuora Community Chapters come in.


What is a Zuora Community Chapter?
Zuora Community Chapters are groups led and hosted by Zuora users...just like you! While the Community is a great place to post questions and receive solutions, nothing beats being able to connect with others face-to-face or in real-time.


Interested in leading a Zuora Community Chapter?


Group Requirements

  • Organizers must be members of the Zuora Community
  • Must meet at a regular cadence and at least once per quarter
  • Types:
    • Role-based (Zuora Admin, Developers)
    • Local: meets onsite at a physical location
    • Virtual: meets online via Zoom, GoToMeeting, etc.
  • The chapter organizer is responsible for its location, format, topics, etc. with guidance from the Zuora Community Manager

Application Process

  1. Request to be a Chapter leader by filling out this application form.
  2. Once completed, the Community Manager will email you to arrange a videoconference interview via Zoom.
  3. If your application and video interview are successful, the Community Manager will notify and begin working with you to create your group. If your application is denied, we will let you know.


Interested in joining a Zuora Community Chapter? 
Simply click on any of the icons in our map below for the group URL or, if there isn’t a group (yet!), consider leading a Community Chapter.


Live map of Zuora Community Chapters around the world:

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Community Manager

Zuora Partners - Sponsor a Zuora Community Chapter in Your Area


Are you a Zuora Partner who is nterested in connecting with Zuora users in your area? Consider sponsoring a Zuora Community Chapter, which is a user-led group in a specific region.  This is a great opportunity for you to share your solutions, get feedback and also demonstrate your Zuora prowess directly with our customer base.


Since this program is not Zuora-hosted, we ask that you fill out this form which will notify specific Chapter leaders you’re interested in sponsoring.  They will reach out to you if they are interested in collaborating with you. All communication and group organization will take place between you and the respective Chapter leader(s).


Partner Guidelines for Chapter Sponsorship


As a Chapter event sponsor, we ask that you provide one or more of the following:

  • Meeting venue large enough to accommodate your group members
  • Food and beverages (approximately $10-15/person).
  • Swag, demos or other partner offerings
  • Chapter promotion to customers in your area


As a Chapter Partner Sponsor, You Will Receive Opportunities to

  • Speak at the start of each event (to be arranged with Chapter Leader) where you introduce yourself, your company and how your solution best fits with Zuora.
  • Advance brand recognition and Zuora expertise within your region
  • Network with Zuora users during the event.


Please note that this is a networking opportunity, not one for selling.  The focus of Community Chapters is on our users’ needs, and if you can help facilitate their Zuora journeys...that’s great!


If you have any Zuora Community Chapter questions, please contact communitychapters@zuora.com