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New in Community: Zuora Central and Zuora Products

Community Manager

As our our CEO Tien Tzuo mentioned in his Subscribed San Francisco keynote address, Zuora Central is the world's only subscription order-to-cash platform that makes it much easier for companies to manage ongoing subscriber relationships. 


What is Zuora Central


What's changed in Community?

  • "Zuora's RBM Solution" has changed to Zuora Central
  • "Manage and Extend" has changed to Zuora Products
    • For now, both Connect and Reporting are found in the User Groups area 
    • An area for Zuora RevPro will be coming soon!
  • "Zuora for Salesforce" has been renamed to Zuora CPQ
  • "Subscription Management" is now called Subscriptions

These changes are seen in both the Discussion and Ideas areas of Community.


If you have any questions or comments about Zuora Central or our Products, please share them below.