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New in Community: September 2017

Community Manager

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API Feedback Forum

In late 2016, Zuora made the shift to have all of their APIs available in REST. We also launched the Developer Center, which serves as a central location for Zuora developer resources.


The Community team is dedicated to providing a space for Zuora developers to discuss and share their projects with other users in the developer user group like Most modern Ruby API Client or suggested improvements in the API documentation to be reflected in the API Changelog.


Get started by sharing your experience with the following APIs:


Zuora Connect Resources - User Group, Documentation

Zuora Connect enables developers to build and distribute apps that enhance the capabilities of the Zuora platform. It features pre-built applications, extensions, interfaces, and tools from technology partners, system integrators, and developers across the globe, making it easier for companies to launch subscription businesses based on the Zuora solution.


View what apps are available from the Zuora Connect App Marketplace.


Already purchased a Zuora Connect app?

  • View your app's documentation in the Zuora Connect area of the Community
  • If you don't see your app's documentation there, rest assured that we will be adding it there shortly.

Questions/Comments about a specific Zuora Connect app? 

  • Post your question in the respective app group or in the Connect user group.
  • If you've found a bug, add "[BUG]" in the subject line of your post and our team will look into it.

Have Feedback about Zuora Connect?

  • Share your ideas on helping us make the app better with Connect Ideas


Get Started!

Current Connect Documentation as of September 2017 with more to be published very soon: