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Happy Birthday Zuora Community!

Community Manager

Community Birthday


The Zuora Community is 1 year old!


We’ve come a long way since our launch last January and it seems like it wasn’t that long ago when we announced the Community to the world.


Here are some fun facts from the past year that I’d like to share:

Over 430,000 page views

Over 245,000 minutes spent online (that’s over 170 days!)


Total Registrations: 2725


Over 950 forum topics created and over 2000 forum replies where our most viewed forum post was What does PayPal payment ERROR 12: DECLINED: 15005-THIS TRANSACTION CANNOT BE PROCESSED mean?  with nearly 1900 page views.


Over 38,000 idea page views with nearly 400 new ideas and over 1600 idea votes where the most viewed idea was to Make quotes package compatible with Salesforce Lightning (478 page views and Implemented in December 2016).


Number of ideas implemented: 84


Over 17,000 searches where the top search term was “billing” with 119 searches.


Nearly 35,000 blog page views where the most popular  blog post was [Action Required] Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0 with nearly 7,000 page views and over 50 comments.


Nearly 2,700 kudos given where @KateZ received the most kudos (99), over 400 accepted solutions where @Viktor had the most accepted solutions (33) and @feisley stepped up the most by having the most replies (237).

We’d like to thank thank all of you for making our first year awesome and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for us in 2017!


Is there anything you'd like to see more or less of in the Community? We'd love to hear from you!

Zuora Staff

Happiest of birthdays to you, Zuora community! Thanks for helping me share product updates with our Customers and Partners!! 

Zuora Staff



It's amazing to see how much can be achieved in only one year.


Big shoutout to our Community Manager @Lana for steering the Community to where it is today!

Zuora Alumni

Happy Birthday Zuora Community!  You were born just in time to allow a more efficient and intimate way to communicate with our Limited Availability Reporting Group last April.  Looking forward to your toddler years!