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Community Team wins Lithium's "Us-ie" Contest

Community Manager

Last week, I entered our support team in Lithium Technologies' "Us-ie" contest which involved sharing a photo of ourselves with whoever inspires us - our team, mentors, family and/or friends...and we won!  I work with a great group of folks here at Zuora who work hard - even while at Subscribed '16 - to answer all of your Support questions in a timely manner.


The winning photo shows a few of our global support team members (SF Bay Area, Beijing and UK) as we were heading off to dinner together after promoting the Zuora Community on Day 0 of Subscribed '16.  If you didn't have a chance to meet us at Subscribed '16, there's always Subscribed '17! Smiley Very Happy


In the photo: me, @monique (who took the photo), @AmyLy@Yolanda@gelaimr@Rossi@doyeli@Grace@Viktor, and @piers




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Zuora Alumni

I am so proud of our team and how we organized and delivered an amazing Day 0 training and Community presence!

Zuora Staff

Awesome! Congrats.

Zuora Staff

An Amazing Team!!