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Community Spotlight: Shelly Berkowitz

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Shelly BerkowitzShelly Berkowitz is our Head of Zuora University. We firmly believe that access is important for our customers because the training available helps you prepare for implementation, stay up-to-date on new product features, and build expertise within as Zuora as your business changes and grows. We have 50+ hours of self-paced courses and hold virtual instructor-led courses each week.



Learn more about Shelly in this month’s Community Spotlight:


  1. How do you explain your job at Zuora to other people?
    I lead a team whose mission is to make our customers, partners and employees successful using Zuora. Different people within a company use Zuora for different things.  For example, a Product Marketing Manager sets up and manages the catalog of what a company sells by subscription, whereas a Billing Manager makes sure that the company's subscribers are charged the correct amount given what they've signed up for. My team figures out what each of these different roles needs to know about and be able to do in Zuora, then we develop training on those topics. It's an ongoing process because Zuora changes/is enhanced with each product release.

  2. What was the career path that led you to Zuora?
    Each of my jobs has included an element of teaching and training.  I started my career teaching at the high-school and college level.  After spending a year developing university-level curriculum in Niger, I transitioned to the private sector and joined an e-learning company called DigitalThink.  When that company was acquired, I moved to an early-stage startup to launch the Training function.  My role there evolved and expanded over time; by the time I left, I led Services and Support function -- which included all aspects of customer engagement post contract (implementation, training, support, ongoing customer success and renewals).  Joining Zuora gave the opportunity to apply many of the skills I've gained over the years -- building something from scratch and managing high-performance teams -- to an area I'm passionate about: training.  


  3. What do you love about your job here at Zuora?
    I love a lot about my job at Zuora, but my top two things are: Spending time on something that has a broad impact (our training aids customers, employees and partners) and working with colleagues whom I respect and learn from every day.

  4. What is your average day like at Zuora?
    My day starts with a daily check-in with the Training team.  We're typically juggling many projects simultaneously, and spending 30 minutes together every morning helps us keep on schedule.  Outside of that meeting, each day is different.  Some days I spend time reviewing course scripts or testing produced courses; other days, I spend time collecting input on our roadmap; and other days, I work with colleagues on the various aspects of our training offering (contracting, Salesforce reporting, marketing, etc).

  5. How is the Zuora University team different than other Training teams you've worked with?
    We're small, nimble and have a variety of skills and experience. 


 The Zuora University Team at Halloween: Mimes in 2015, Owls in 2016

ZU team_Halloween_2015


Training team_Halloween_2016



Fun Facts about Shelly in our Zuora Q&A:

  • My dog is named after a Japanese rice treat (Mochi) and has his own Instagram account (that my daughter manages).
  • I lived in Niger, West Africa in my late 20's developing curriculum for a university, supporting professors as they implemented it and training Peace Corp volunteers.
  • I've been a pescatarian for over 25 years.  

Shelly and Mochi, 2016

Shelly and Mochi_2016



About Zuora University

At Zuora University, we’re invested in our customers’ success. A subscription to Zuora University provides all roles in your organization with access to the training they need to get up and running on Zuora, get oriented to product functionality and stay current with new releases.

Different roles utilize Zuora in different ways — from setting up and managing their product catalog, to running billing and payment operations, to leading the accounting close process, to administering the platform. With a full subscription to Zuora University, all roles can get the most out of the Zuora platform, with 50+ hours of training.  


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