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Community Hot Topics from September 2017

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Community Hot Topics


Each month, we’ll highlight the most popular content in the Community - from forum discussions to blog posts - which matter most to our customers.


You'll see that there's some new areas showing up this month since we added the API Feedback forum and the Connect area (user group and documentation) here in the Community.  Missed the announcement? Read up on it here!


Here is what was hot in the Community in September 2017:


Top 5 Discussions

  1. What does PayPal payment ERROR 12: DECLINED: 15005-THIS TRANSACTION CANNOT BE PROCESSED mean?
  2. Error when connecting to Soap Client in .NET 4.0
  3. How to update the Stuck Payment that is on Processing status?
  4. "Two declarations cause a collision in the ObjectFactory class" while generating code
  5. How to monitor Zuora availability?


Top 5 Ideas (by views)

  1. Zuora PMU Services for Chase Gateway
  2. Customer Statements
  3. Require Audit Trail
  4. Zuora should prorate included units if usage is prorated for mid month
  5. Power BI - Date format


Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. [Action Required] Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0
  2. Zuora Community Joins Community Heavy Hitters at GoDaddy
  4. Scaling Graphite on AWS


Top 5 User Groups

  1. API Feedback
  2. Developers
  3. London User Group
  4. Connect User Group
  5. Lockbox


Top 5 Searches

  1. metrics
  2. fix currentterm
  3. invoice item adjustment
  4. how to uninstall zuora 360 (tie)
  5. subscription limit (tie)
  6. sync (tie)


Top 5 Most Active Community Members

  1. @yamasaki1ma
  2. @feisley
  3. @jamesgibbs
  4. @bolaurent
  5. @hbruzus