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Community Hot Topics from August 2017

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Community Hot Topics


Each month, we’ll highlight the most popular content in the Community - from forum discussions to blog posts - which matter most to our customers.


Here is what was hot in the Community in August 2017:


Top 5 Discussions

  1. What does PayPal payment ERROR 12: DECLINED: 15005-THIS TRANSACTION CANNOT BE PROCESSED mean?
  2. Error when connecting to Soap Client in .NET 4.0
  3. How to update the Stuck Payment that is on Processing status?
  4. Getting error "list index out of bounds" when running a ZQuery
  5. "Two declarations cause a collision in the ObjectFactory class" while generating code


Top 5 Ideas (by views)

  1. Customer Statements
  2. Update custom fields to null in SFDC through Z-360 sync
  3. Power BI - Date format
  4. Multi-year Contracts on Quotes
  5. Remove Zuora error on Salesforce unit tests


Top 5 Blog Posts

  1. [Action Required] Zuora is Disabling TLS 1.0
  2. Traditional Indian Ethnic Clothes Day at Zuora
  3. [INFORMATIONAL] Maintenance to Add a New Pool of IP Addresses for Access to Zuora
  5. How We Implemented a Custom Event Framework

Top 5 User Groups

  1. Developers
  2. Subscribed 2018 Focus Group
  3. London User Group
  4. Reporting User Group
  5. Connect


Top 5 Searches

  1. credit card
  2. invoice template
  3. amending quotes
  4. quote opportunity
  5. undistributed unrecognised revenue


Top 5 Most Active Community Members

  1. @yamasaki1ma
  2. @chadjlucas
  3. @mpersaud
  4. @mebius0311
  5. @Dchaudhary