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[Resolved Issue] Freemarker Template Error

Community Manager

[Resolved Issue] Freemarker Template Error

There's a Freemarker template error for some users in the blog, forum and ideas areas (groups appear unaffected). 



 Freemarker Error




If you see the following error, please clear your browser's cookies and cache for all time (yes!).  Close and reopen the browser and the issue should be resolved.


Why this happened:

We occasionally make updates to the Community. Sometimes, one of the servers that your community is hosted on didn't get updated correctly.


Why clearing your cache and cookies resolves the issue:

When you clear your cache and cookies, the reason it'll seem fine after that is because you were hosted by another server that hosts your community, so you went from the bad one to a good one.



Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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