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How to prevent the "Request Entity is Too Large" Error in Community?

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How to prevent the "Request Entity is Too Large" Error in Community?

From Khoros (platform on which our Community is built):



What is the "Request Entity Too Large" error that I get some times? How can I fix this error?



A "Request Entity Too Large" error typically occurs when the combined size of cookies attempting to be passed to the community during normal communications is over the limit of the default Apache header size.


Common Causes

This is most often experienced in an SSO environment, or when someone is constantly refreshing a thread an abnormal amount of times per day (such as moderators who are attempting to keep up with extremely active threads), or constant repeated navigation for stress testing in a browser (constantly going back/forward, visiting a large amount of threads in a very small space of time, etc). Most end users do not experience this issue in communities.


Diagnosing the "Request Entity Too Large" error:

Cookies of an abnormally significant size (usually in the tens of megabytes) are the most common culprit of the error message. You can choose to delete the cookie individually, or you can use the standard method to delete temporary internet files and all cookies for a given time frame. 


Preventing the Error

Once you have identified the large cookies you will want to meet with your development teams to find out how the cookie is generated and why it's being passed to the community. As mentioned before, this is typically related to SSO environments passing cookies that over time become very large in size, so it may be worthwhile to consider optimizing performance in order to prevent cookies from getting too large.

Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
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