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Feedback Form Results (5/2/17)

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Feedback Form Results (5/2/17)

Thanks to everyone who submitted their feedback! I've included some responses (anonymously, of course!) as well as summarized others.  If you didn't have a chance to provide your feedback, feel free to share them below or in a new thread.


Shortly, I'll create separate threads to gather more specific feedback, but for now, here are the results:


Total responses: 23


How Often Visit


What’s your main reason for visiting?

  • Looking for support or help - 69.6%
  • Looking for a question I can answer or a topic I can participate in - 21.7%
  • Looking for a place to share my ideas about Zuora - 47.8%
  • Looking for a place to connect with other Zuora users - 21.7%
  • Other - 21.7%
    • Looking to see if someone else may have had the same issue - to see if I can resolve myself...
    • Looking to influence the Zuora roadmap
    • Looking at others questions to see what answers are given as it's likely others questions would be helpful. I do answer if I can.


How Often Find Answers


When Don't Find Answers



How Satisfied



What would you like to see more of in the Community?

  • Training webinars - 39.1%
  • Online Demos - 39.1%
  • Opportunities to connect with other Zuora users - 34.8%
  • Opportunities to connect with Zuora experts - 65.2%
  • Other - 39.1%
    • Best practice white papers
    • Working code
    • Access to webinars of the latest and best Zuora features
    • More lively discussions about use cases
    • Quicker follow-up to suggested improvement posts
    • More status updates
    • More expert participation
    • Case studies (e.g. “Specific case studies of how pricing was implemented in Zuora. We were a new Zuora customer so mapping our pricing into the ‘zuora’ paradigm was a challenge.”)



Code Samples Feedback

  • “PLEASE start posting updates for your rest interfaces! These are missing and we feel very frightened that the platform is not ready for production use but we're being pushed in that direction”
  • Requests for working code samples “that actually include the options, not just the defaults” and a “place to share code snippets for developers. Usually these are buried in a question but some may be of use to a broader audience”.
  • “Knowing how all these Zuora objects relate to each other was not clear. We finally was able get a lot of this information by combing through the API documentation. By understanding how the underlying data structure was mapped out gave us insight in how the program was supposed to operate.”


On a scale of 1-4, what do you find most valuable?



  • Confusion as to what Announcements are and other than system issues, not enough information provided.


Discussion Forums


  • Difficulty finding content - relevant content, keeping up with posts and narrowing search to find results.
  • Linking StackOverflow questions and answers
  • Provide better responses to questions other than that a support ticket has been opened. “This does nothing for the community. I would much rather they acknowledge the ticket or need for one, tell us what part of the question makes it better for support and to give possible solutions if others have similar issues. The current method just shuts down the convo. Often I will have a support ticket for the specific and also truly want to get a response for a more general question from the community”




  • Better curation and more in-depth updates of the ideas section (“Under Consideration” queue). “We provide you with improvements to the platform but there's no insight in the actual implementation timeline regarding any of this.”
  • Would like more details on progress, “what's on the backlog, etc. not a guarantee something will be coming but a sense of direction of the platform so we can plan better.”
  • “I like Ideas, but it would nice if the items under consideration had a ‘Near Term’, ‘Mid Term’ or ‘Long Term’ flag (understand it will change as the roadmap shifts.)”


User Groups


  • “...open all communities for read access - even limited availability ones. I understand only wanting the members in the LA group to post but us who are not in the group may want to keep up to date on things for the future and would like to at least see what is being discussed.”
  • "There are no User Groups near me"
  • User Groups are not helpful, not active and/or not interesting.

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