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Community Updates: August 2019

Community Manager

Community Updates: August 2019

Finding Better Solutions with Fewer Emails

To reduce the amount of Community email in all of our inboxes, our Customer Solutions Articles (Zuora FAQs) will be contained in one post, not two as before.


In the past, our teams have posted the articles in two parts: original post and reply - where the reply is marked as an accepted solution. If you’re subscribed to a discussion forum, this posting process created 2 email notifications. We’ve streamlined this process such that both the problem statement and the solution will be in one email.


How can I find questions that have been solved?

You can search for solutions in the Community in two ways: 

  1. Within each discussion forum, select the Accepted Solutions tab (learn more)
  2. From your search results, select the label, “Customer Solutions Article”



What is a Customer Solutions Article?

Oftentimes our experts at Zuora answer a customer question in a support ticket that they think other users could benefit from, but since those solutions are privvy only to those in the ticket.  Thus, it makes sense for our teams to generalize solutions and share them with the Zuora Community so that others can benefit from it. 

Two New Community Search Features


Bookmark Searches
A star-shaped icon allows you to save complex searches.  You can save up to 20 bookmarks.


  1. Perform a search on the Community homepage for “maintenance”
  2. In the right-hand corner of the search results, you’ll see a star icon. Click on the star.

  3. Enter a name you’d like save for the bookmark (e.g. “maintenance”) and press “save”.


  4. You’ll now see a new icon next to the star icon. This is where you’ll access and manage of your saved bookmarks.

    Screen Shot 2019-08-21 at 12.17.40 PM.png


Sticky Filters: Run Multiple Searches Without Resetting Filters
Before this update, we had to reset the side filters each time we searched the Community.  Now, sticky filters will help refine your search to help you find your solutions faster. 


EXAMPLE:  Suppose you want to search for various terms within the Release Notifications (e.g. maintenance, sandbox, production). 

  1. From the “maintenance” search results, filter source results by blog. “Blog” will now be sticky in all of your subsequent searches until you reset your search by either clicking on “X” or clearing the filters.

  2. Search across all blogs again for “sandbox” by entering “sandbox” in the search bar - “Blog” source stays the same because it is sticky.
  3. Now let’s search for all blog announcements with “sandbox” in the past month by clicking on “Past Month” in the “Created Date” filter on the left-hand side. You’ll see that both “Blog” and “Past Month” have remained.

  4. Perform the same search (“Blog” and “Past Month”) for “production”. You’ll notice that both filters for “Blog” and “Past Month” remain.

We hope these new updates will help you find your solutions faster. And if you don’t find an answer to your question, please post yours. Another Community member might know the answer, which could help someone else.




Lana Lee | Senior Community Manager and Strategist
"A little consideration, a little thought for others, makes all the difference." —A. A. Milne