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Community Attachments

Is it possible to allow attachments to posts made in the community. I have posted a few technical topics and wanted to distribute samples along (i.e. Word docs, code samples, etc) but have to host them externally currently (i.e. Dropbox).


I assume you would want to put some restrictions on size and filetype to ensure performance and security.

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Re: Community Attachments

Hi @feisley


Great question! Other than Zuora staff, only Superusers have the ability to add attachments.  Since the Community is open to the Internet, we can't allow everyone to upload attachments since there's a security risk involved if the file is malicious.


For users that don't have the attachment upload feature enabled, it's best to host the document externally and provide the link within the message body. Keep in mind that we don't allow certain link shorteners to prevent phishing and other malware attacks.


I totally understand that it's an inconvenience, but we put these limits in place to keep the Community spam free.


Hope that makes sense,


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