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Invoices are auto posted when auto post is not turned on in BR


Invoice being posted when it shouldn't be.


Reason: When there is a Draft invoice that is not posted, when a BR runs next this Invoice will be picked up in it and the settings in the second BR will be taken into consideration.


Below is the history of what has happened on those invoices.

1.BR-00021305 executed on 09/25/2019 with Auto post set to No, making the generated Invoice -INV01266078 be in Draft status. 


2. As this invoice was in Draft status and before it was posted, when the BR BR-00021979 which has Auto-post set to Yes, picked up the Invoice INV01266078 and Auto posted it.

Though both the BR's are run by 2 different users this scenario will take place.

In such cases you would find 2 BR's associated to this invoice as shown below.



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