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Connect Promo Code Application - Creating Subscriptions

I've gone through the Zuora university course and read through the documentation.  I see how there are separate calls to the promo code API (to validate and consume promo codes) and the Zuora API (to create new subscriptions).  The documentation is quite thin when it comes to using the promo codes when creating subscriptions though.  I have noticed that the validate response contains information about how the promo code was set up (amount, applicable dates, etc).   I would like explicit confirmation of the following before getting any futher with prototyping a solution on my end:


- Do we take the information from the validate response and use that info to build a payload that overrides the applicable discount rate plan charge in Zuora when creating the subscription? 


- Or is there some other way to tie the Connect promo code to a discount rate plan in Zuora automatically?


Any thoughts or pointers would be appreciated!

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Re: Connect Promo Code Application - Creating Subscriptions

I heard back through support that you build subscribe payloads manually, with applicable overrides, to send to Zuora.