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"Transaction.Description" field is not pulling any values in the Invoice Template

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"Transaction.Description" field is not pulling any values in the Invoice Template



I have realized that we don't get Invoice Adjustment details coming out on the invoice because it's essentially been replaced by Credit and Debit Memos, so whilst it appears that I can extract summary Credit Memo detail by using the Invoice.CreditMemoAmount field. I can't find a way of displaying the line item detail for the applied Credit Memos. The recommendation in your documentation seems to be to use the Transactions table and whilst this gives me some detail, it doesn't appear to give me enough. If I try and display the "Transaction.Description" field, it doesn't display anything for a Transaction that's related to a Credit Memo




"Transaction.Description" field pulls the value from the Comments field from the related Payment/Credit Memo and etc. Populate the Comments field in CM and this will be reflected when you using "Transaction.Description" in the template.




NOTE - Comments field can be edited/updated only when the transaction is in Draft status and not when Posted.

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